Welcome to danielfelix.in!

Hello! Welcome to my personal space on the internet. I'm happy that I was finally able to launch this site for everyone to see.

Taking the Leap

Even though being a senior developer i always had a feeling that i am lacking in CSS and that prevented me from saying as Full stack developer. And i started to search for a easy way to learn CSS and i found Tailwind CSS which is a utility-first CSS framework.

What could be a better way to learn Tailwind CSS other than making my own website using Tailwind?

A purpose

My goal with this site (and blog) is to continue learning web development ( specifically front-end ) and learn publicly. This allows me to document my learning and share my process out there. Another side effect of writing a blog is that I get to practice my writing skills ā€” specifically technical writing and hopefully improve my English as well. I want to be able to clearly communicate my process and its technical details to other people.

So that's it for my introduction, I hope you like my site!

Get in touch šŸ‘‹

Feel free to email me about anything. Want some advice? Give some feedback?

You can also reach me around the web: GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, DEV, Facebook, Instagram, CodePen